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Golf & Country Club Castello di Spessa

Golf & Country Club Castello di Spessa - Golf course information & golf holiday offers

Playing golf amidst the vineyards of the Collio area in Friuli: this is what happens if you choose this club as destination in its strategic position on the borders with Austria and Slovenia, in a region renowned for its superb wines. Wandering through the vineyards of the Spessa Castle is exactly where we find the 18 holes of this tortuous course, opened in 2004, which offers panoramas with strikingly different and individual features. The strongest players would do best to leave their drivers in their golf bags, and to study a more prudent strategy for approaching the green. There are differences in level between tee and fairway or between fairway and green that can prove truly challenging. The enormous appeal of the resort becomes even more intriguing when we discover that the rooms of the castle in 1773 provided hospitality to Giacomo Casanova, the universally renowned Venetian writer and adventurer, and for whom the international literary award was named which each summer since 2003 has awarded authors of the finest literature inspired by the values of liberty, tolerance and openness to other cultures. A toast in the cellars used for aging wine right beneath the castle, the oldest of the Collio area, is another experience to indulge in. The clubhouse – whose windows overlook the practice course offering a view of the majestic castle, with origins dating back to 1200 – is located on the upper floor of the Hosteria, one of the resort's restaurants, where players may enjoy the reassuring comfort of a platter of cold cuts and local cheeses at the end of a match, washed down with fine wine. Technical Details Course : 18 holes, Par 71, 5.540 m Architect : Giacomo Cabrini Topography : strategic position bordering Slovenia and Austria Special Features : the individual holes are significantly different from each other

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