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Ambassador Golf Club

Golf, travelling and enjoyment – this is what ITALIA Golf & More stands for. First-class hotels, exceptional offers, exclusive golf courses and, above all, advice that is unrivalled in the golf travel industry.

Goflball auf dem Rasen

Now we want to take your experience to the next level and this year we founded the ITALIA Ambassador Golf Club, a unique golf community with which we want to share our passion and fascination for golf.

Above all, we would like to thank you for your long-standing loyalty and trust in Italia Golf & More. Your support is a decisive contribution to our success and at the same time motivates us to be even better every day.

As a thank you in 2023, we have invited our members on a 2-day golf trip (each for 2 people), with exclusive accommodation and Ambassador Golf Cup tournament, to Piedmont in northern Italy. An unforgettable experience of golf, fun, culinary delights and exploring the beautiful landscape. And we want more of it!

For this reason, we are planning the to make the “Ambassador Golf Cup Tournament” an annual event and at the same time grow out golf community.

Ambassador Golf Club - ein Mann macht einen Golfschlag

How do I become an Ambassador?

Our competent team selects members according to the following criteria, such as customer loyalty, many years of trust, etc. Tour leaders of golf tour groups of more than 20 people also have the opportunity to become an Ambassador. The Ambassadors are selected each year and it is a special privilege to be one of them. The number of participants is limited to 50 Ambassadors per year.

In addition to the annual invitation to the tournament event, we offer other benefits such as privileged access to golfing news and golf travel offers, Ambassador golf shirts and golf bag tags, etc. as a reward. A direct contact person for your booking requests and organisation of your golf trips is a matter of course.

Our Ambassador Golf Club stands for excellent experiences, community and passion for this great game! Your loyalty to Italia Golf & More is also an excellent opportunity to become more involved in the golf community. A big thank you to the ITALIA Golf & More family and we look forward to enjoying great golf experiences together.